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Dance Lessons

FREE Dance Lessons are scheduleded prior to all of our dances held at the Bismarck Eagles. Check our Dance Schedule for the dates.

In the near future, dance lesson sessions shall also be scheduled on non-dance evenings (no Single File sponsored dance following lessons). However, this is still being discussed. The location and dates are as yet, undetermined. Please check back for scheduling updates.

The Dance instructors will normally be Garnet Schatz and JD Weiss; but others may be invited to teach, or assist.

Dance Lessons

Lessons on scheduled Single File dance nights, shall start promptly at 6:45 PM. Please plan to arrive a few minuets earlier, so we can start on time. Since the band, or DJ starts at 8 PM, the lessons will end at approximately 7:45 PM.

For lesson session scheduled on non-dance nights, the exact start and end times are being discussed. Possibly starting at 7 PM and ending at 9 PM, or later.

We will usually teach or review one dance at each lesson session. However, time permitting we may teach two. It all depends on the complexity of the dance and how everyone does, if they feel comfortable with it, or want more instruction.

The most requested lessons include the Texas 2-Step, El-Paso Cha-cha and the slow tempo Country Waltz (60-120 BPM). Different couples dances will be taught, including the Sweetheart Schottiche (pronounced shot-ish), Colorado Cha-cha, Horse-shoe and many others. Let us know if you have any requests and we'll try to work them into the schedule. It can be a lot of fun doing something different, instead of the 2-step for every dance. So, come on out and learn a new dance step!

Dance Admission Fees:

Dance lessons scheduled on Single File dance nights at the Bismarck Eagles are FREE! However, when lessons are scheduled on non-dance evenings, there will be a small charge. The amount is yet to-be-determined.

When lessons are held on a scheduled Single File dance night (see Dance Schedule), you must pay the admission fee to remain for the evenings dance following the lessons. We end the lessons at 7:45 PM, to allow time to pay the admission fee before the band, or DJ starts playing at 8 PM.

Bismarck Single File members are $7.

Non-members are $9. Sign up for membership at any dance.

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