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Dance Etiquette

Asking for a dance

At all Bismarck Single File Dance Club dances, it is considered proper for both Men and Women to ask for a dance. WOMEN and MEN should be equally inclined to ask others to dance. So ladies, if you want to dance and no one has asked you, or there is someone you want to dance with, Ask!

It is considered proper (but not required) for couples to do a few dances with the people who are there alone.

Declining a dance

Everyone is allowed to politely decline a dance;
  • You do not know the dance.
  • You need rest.
  • You have promised the dance to someone else.
  • Personal reasons.
  • Offer to dance later, if appropriate.
    If you decline, you must not accept an offer to dance during the same song.

    Being Declined

    Accept gracefully.
    You may try again after several songs.

    On the dance floor

    Ladies define the partner distance (the space between you).
    The dance floor is divided into lanes.
  • The outside edge of the dance floor is normally the fast lane and if you dance slower, move closer to the center of the floor. An exception to this, is for certain dances that are done on the outside edge of the dance floor, such as the Desperado Wrap and a few others.
  • Be alert to dances that change direction (Schottische, the Cha-cha, etc). Same dances go forward (line of dance) for several steps, then backward (reverse line of dance) for a few steps. Some dances also move side-to-side (inside line of dance - toward center and outside line of dance - toward edge of floor).
  • Follow the line of dance

  • Progressive dancers (2-step, Waltz, Polka, Schottische, etc) move around the dance floor in a counter-clockwise direction (line-of-dance).
  • Stationary dancers (Line, Swing, Colorado Cha-cha, etc) stay near the center of the dance floor.
  • Make your partner look and feel good!
    Dance at your partner's level.
    Collisions happen. Both couples (man) apologizes regardless of fault.
    Protect your partner. Both dancers watch for others that might move into your line of dance.
    No uncomfortable leads, or overambitious steps.

    When the dance is over

    It is appropriate to applaud.
    Thank your partner for the dance.
    Men, escort the lady back to her seat
    Never stand and talk on the dance floor, especially while others are dancing.

    Most important


    And please, NO drinks on the dance floor!

  • If spilled (even a few drops), the spot is slippery when wet and becomes sticky when it dries. Wet, or dry, this can cause people to fall and get hurt, which is NOT fun.
  • If you are drinking alcohol, please drink responsibly and have a designated driver, or take a taxi home.

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